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About me

I AM A TENOR - I fall in love with Opera when I was a child and had the chance to tour the world singing here and there, from Italy to New Zealand, Canada and Japan.

I am a solo ensemble member at Theater St.Gallen since 2008. Switzerland became my second homeland: I love living and performing here, bringing italian creativity and belcanto school in this country full of opportunities for performers

In my 40's I decided it was time to engage myself in teaching to the youngest what I learned, from my experience on stage and from greatest singers, conductors and directors I met on my path.

I am experimenting new ways of reading the world and the artistic performance, with the help of my cameras. 


I work with:


Singing, researching, teaching, hosting theatre and music events: that's our mission! Take a look at our website and meet the amazing woman that inspires us.


​I believe that video is one of the best ways to promote our artistic works and skills. I put my technical, artistic and creative expertise in telling your story, promoting your projects and engaging your audience: videoclips, teasers, live and studio recordings. Check out my portfolio on Vimeo!

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