About me

I AM A TENOR - I fall in love with Opera when I was a child and had the chance to tour the world singing here and there, from Italy to New Zealand, Canada and Japan.

I am a solo ensemble member at Theater St.Gallen since 2008. Switzerland became my second homeland: I love living and performing here, bringing italian creativity and belcanto school in this country full of opportunities for performers

In my 40's I decided it was time to engage myself in teaching to the youngest what I learned, from my experience on stage and from greatest singers, conductors and directors I met on my path.

I am experimenting new ways of reading the world and the artistic performance, with the help of my cameras. 


I work with:

tasti del piano


Top quality video services for musicians and other performers, in partnership with Lorenzo Taidelli.



AbsolutelyClassical ist eine Künstleragentur, welche professionelle Musikerinnen und Musiker in St. Gallen aus den Bereichen der Klassik, des Jazz, Musical und Pop für unterschiedliche Events vermittelt. Wir sprechen Privatpersonen, Unternehmen, Hotels und Konzertorganisationen an.

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